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_bY383 2012
100 1 _aYamamoto, Yohji,
245 1 0 _aYohji Yamamoto :
_bdesigner monographs /
260 _aKöln, Germany :
300 _a1 volume (unpaged) :
_billustrations (chiefly color) ;
_c43 cm
520 _aAs one of the most mentally rigorous designers working in fashion, Yohji Yamamoto creates garments that can be intellectual - sometimes even difficult - yet always beautiful. Yohji's free-spirited world is explored here via "i-D" magazine's archives starting back in the 1980s, including his adoration for women and the female form, the painful process of creating anti-fashion through fashion and how his timeless utilitarian designs can be both avant-garde and classic at once. Packed into 120 pages is biographical and personal information as well as imagery from over 30 years of i-D's history with images from photographers including Paolo Roversi, Max Vadukal, and Nick Knight, plus interviews with Jamie Huckbody, Holly Shackleton, and Terry Jones.
546 _aText in English, French, German and Spanish.
600 1 0 _aYamamoto, Yohji,
650 0 _aFashion designers
650 0 _aFashion design.
650 7 _aBeauty and Fashion.
655 7 _aBiographies.
700 1 _aJones, Terry,
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