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_bN363 2022
245 0 0 _aNarrative theory and therapy in the post-truth era
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264 1 _aHershey PA :
_bInformation Science Reference,
_b IGI Global,
300 _a373 pages
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 _aNarrative theory and therapy in the post-truth era / Recep Yilmaz, Bozkurt Koc -- From the hand of God to the truth in football / Esennur Sirer -- Truth trying to survive: reality perception in survivor program / Ufuk Inal -- Informatics truth: news media in the post-truth era / Onur Sen -- The narrative of violence in the framework of the post-truth concept in television series / Nursel Bolat -- Interweaving narrative methods into a mandala of transformational practices / Susan Riva -- Therapeutic storytelling: storytelling / Gamze Mukba -- Archetypes of otherness: an investigation of the narrative structures of posters in the construction of soviet ideology / Omer Cakin, Mehmet Akif Gunay -- Abr+a -- The arts of making sense: or the discourse of dragons / Deborah Green -- Parents in the grip of parental guilt: narrative paths to rediscover a future / Sabine Vermeire, Luc Van den Berge, Tomas Van Reybrouck -- "Not ignoring the FoMO (the fear of missing out) effect" as a new way to persuade consumers to buy / Aybike Ozden.
520 _a"This book focuses on the structure of the narrative and the possibilities it offers for therapy as well as the Post-Modern sources of spiritual conflict and how to benefit from the possibilities of the narrative while healing conflict, offering research on new concepts and models to be created"--
_cProvided by publisher.
650 0 _aNarrative therapy.
650 0 _aNarration (Rhetoric)
_xPsychological aspects.
650 0 _aTruthfulness and falsehood.
700 1 _aYilmaz, Recep,
700 1 _aKoc, Bozkurt,
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