The photography reader :

The photography reader : history and theory - Second edition. - xxiv, 532 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Part One. Reflections on photography. Extracts from Camera Lucida / Roland Barthes ; What has occurred only once: Barthes's Winter Garden/Boltanski's Archives of the dead / Marjorie Perloff ; Extracts from the The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction / Walter Benjamin ; Benjamin and the political economy of the photograph / W.J.T. Mitchell ; Photography / Siegfried Kracauer ; The onotology of the photographic image / André Bazin ; Photography within the humanities / Susan Sontag ; In our image / Wright Morris -- Photographic seeing. Five notes for a phenomenology of the phorographic image / Hubert Damisch ; What the eye does not see / Osip Brik ; A new instrument of vision / László Moholy-Nagy ; Manifesto by Tina Modotti "Sobre la Fotografia" (on photography) ? Tina Modetti ; Introduction to the photographer's eye / John Szarkowski ; Seeing photographically / Edward Weston -- Meaning and interpretation. Rhetoric of the image / Roland Barthes ; A photograph / Umberto Eco ; Looking at photographs / Victor Burgin ; Through the picture plane: on looking into photographs / Ian Walker ; The eternal moment: photography and time / Estelle Jussim ; Objects of affect: photograpy beyond the image / Elizabeth Edwards ; Photography and fetish / Christian Metz ; Fire and ice / Peter Wollen -- Art photography. Photography after art photography / Abigail Solomon-Godeau ; Photography's discursive spaces: landscape/view / Rosalind Krauss ; The crisis of the real: photography and postmodernism / Andy Grundberg ; Snapshooters of history: passages on the postmodern argument / Steve Edwards ; Why art photography? / Lucy Soutter ; Conversation with Hilde Van Gelder / Victor Burgin -- Documentary. Evidence, truth and order: photographic records and the growth of the state / John Tagg ; Photography and the visualization of working class lives in Britain / Darren Newbury ; In, around, and afterthoughts (on documentary photography) / Martha Rosier ; Access and consent in public photography / Lisa Henderson ; 'The shadow of the Object': photography and realism / Sarah Kember ; Introduction: a note on critical realism today / Hilde Van Gelder and Jan Baetens ; The authentic amateur and the democracy of collecting photographs / Lynn Berger ; Cuba made me so / Edmundo Desnoes -- Photomedia. Editorial statement / David Bate, Sara Kember, Martin Lister and Liz Wells ; Photogenics / Geoffrey Batchen ; Redundancy in photography / Daniel Palmer ; The paradoxes of digital photography / Lev Manovich ; Extracts from Of Pixels and Paradox / Fred Ritchin ; Introduction to The photographic image in digital culture / Martin Lister ; From analogue to digital photography: Bernd and Hilla Becher and Andreas Gursky / Matthew Biro ; Digital photography: truth, meaning, aesthetics / Steven Skopik.

Following on from its hugely successful first edition, The Photography Reader: History and Theory provides deeper insight into the critical discussions around photography – its production, its uses and its effects. Presenting both the historical ideas and the continuing theoretical debates within photography and photographic study, this second edition contains essays by photographers including Edward Weston and László Moholy-Nagy, and key thinkers such as Walter Benjamin, Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag.

Along with its companion text – The Photography Cultures Reader: Representation, Agency and Identity – this is the most comprehensive introduction to photography and photographic criticism. -- Publisher's note

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Photographic criticism.


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