Interpretative phenomenological analysis :

Smith, Jonathan A.

Interpretative phenomenological analysis : theory, method, and research / - London : SAGE, 2009. - 225 pages

Includes bibliographical references (pages 207-217) and index.

Section A. Doing IPA : theory and method -- The theoretical foundations of IPA -- Planning an IPA research study -- Collecting data -- Analysis -- Writing -- Section B. IPA research -- Health and illness -- Sex and sexuality -- Psychological distress -- Life transitions and identity -- Section C. Current issues for IPA -- Assessing validity -- The relationship between IPA and other approaches -- Conclusion and reflections on future developments.

This title presents a comprehensive guide to interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) which is an increasingly popular approach to qualitative inquiry taught to undergraduate and postgraduate students today.

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Phenomenological psychology.
Qualitative Research.
Research Design.

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