Intuition :

Intuition : the inside story : interdisciplinary perspectives / - New York : Routledge, 1997. - xvii, 208 pages ; 23 cm

"A collaborative project of the Academy of Consciousness Studies, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory, Princeton University."

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Intuition : the concept and the experience / Marcie Boucouvalas -- The nature of intuition : a neuropsychological approach / Charles Laughlin -- Looking intuit : a phenomenological exploration of intuition and attention / P. Sven Arvidson -- Sacred land : sacred stories : the territorial dimensions of intuition / Joe Sheridan and Anne Pineault -- Wheels within wheels, building the earth : intuition, integral consciousness, and the pattern that connects / Guy Burneko -- Intuition in the development of scientific theory and practice / Evelyn H. Monsay -- Subjectivity and intuition in the scientific method / Brenda J. Dunne -- Thought, action, and intuition in practice-oriented disciplines / Bob Harbort -- Intuition as authoritative knowledge in midwifery and homebirth / Robbie Davis-Floyd with Elizabeth Davis -- Standing by process : a midwife's notes on story-telling, passage, and intuition / Lucia Roncalli.

This book represents the most far-ranging cross-disciplinary look at intuition to date. Composed as two interrelated parts, the first section investigates the nature of intuition from a variety of perspectives, including historical, postmodern, Native American, phenomenological and neurophysical approaches. The second selection examines how intuition weaves itself through scientific practice, ending with the revelation of how intuition can work as narrative and as knowledge in physics, consciousness research, medicine, and midwifery.

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Mind and body.

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