Fashion design for living

Fashion design for living - 1 online resource (xvii, 191 pages)

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Part I. Fashion for existence : Fashioning publics: the socially responsive design practice of Vexed Generation / Adam Thorpe : 'You put up a camera and I'll put up a collar': vexed generation clothing between 1993 and 1995 ; 'They're not taking the piss, we're giving it away': Karrysafe collection (2002) ; From products and markets to 'things' and 'publics' -- Fashion and textiles design for wellbeing: value adding through practice-led transdisciplinary design research / Joan Farrer and Angela Finn : Background ; Smart materials ; Designing solutions to research problems -- Design for ageing well / Jane McCann : Preparing for demographic change ; New ways to think about fashion design ; More responsible/sustainable processes ; Case study: a co-design approach to design for ageing well ; Conclusion: the way forward -- Fashion and sustainability: repairing the clothes we wear / Alison Gwilt : Fashion for sustainability ; Positive improvements in production ; Improving practices during use ; Existing examples of design-led approaches to repair ; A study of attitudes and practices concerning clothing repair ; From data to design -- Fashion design and fashion cooperatives: a case study of the Lydia Lavín brand / Lydia Lavín and Montserrat Messeguer Lavín : Establishing the Lydia Lavín label ; Interacting with our indigenous communities ; An example of our work ; Our thoughts on the project -- Part II. Fashion for engagement : Fashion people: participating and producing fashion / Ricarda Bigolin : Fashion and designer/house/label ; Many hands/many designers ; BROW WOW WOW: the collection ; Shifting fashion spaces ; BROW WOW WOW: the show -- Open design and digital fabrication in fashion / Daijiro Mizuno : Open design and fashion ; Digital fabrication and fashion ; Case studies: Theatre products and Anrealage ; Discussion : The future of fashion design for a sustainable society -- Form empowered by touch, movement, and emotion / Eunjeong Jeon : Feeling through touching, seeing though touching ; Doing through feeling, feeling through doing ; Research outcomes -- Fashion design and disability / Kate Carroll : History of fashion and disability ; Current industry practices ; An approach to the methods and processes for designing: a case study of a universally designed clothing project ; Future thoughts -- Illuminative smart fashion / Jin Lam and Joe Au : A case for the illuminative fashion garment ; Detailed design with specification for illuminative smart fashion prototypes.

Fashion Design for Living explores the positive contribution that the contemporary fashion designer can make within society. The book seeks to reveal new ways of designing and making fashion garments and products that not only enhance and enrich our lives, but also are mindful of social and sustainable issues. This book sets out to question and challenge the dominant, conventional process of fashion design that as a practice has been under-researched. While the fashion designer in industry is primarily concerned with the creation of the new seasonal collection, designed, produced and measured by economically driven factors, society increasingly expects the designer to make a positive contribution to our social, environmental and cultural life. Consequently an emergent set of designers and research-based practitioners are beginning to explore new ways to think about fashion designing. The contributors within this book argue that fashion designing should move beyond developing garments that are just aesthetically pleasing or inexpensive, but also begin to consider and respond to the wearer's experiences, wellbeing, problems, desires and situations, and their engagement with and use of a garment. Fashion Design for Living champions new approaches to fashion practice by uncovering a rich and diverse set of views and reflective experiences which explore the changing role of the fashion designer and inspire fresh, innovative and creative responses to fashion and the world we live in.

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