Advances in autoethnography and narrative inquiry : reflections on the legacy of Carolyn Ellis and Arthur Bochner

Advances in autoethnography and narrative inquiry : reflections on the legacy of Carolyn Ellis and Arthur Bochner - 1 online resource. - ICQI foundations and futures in qualitative inquiry .

1. Righting and Writing (for) Our Lives: Turning Inward When the World Falls Apart

Tony E. Adams, Robin M. Boylorn, and Lisa M. Tillmann

Part I: Foundations

2. Risk and Reward in Autoethnography: Revisiting "Chronicling an Academic Depression"

Barbara J. Jago

3. Coming Home to Narrative Autoethnography: Encounters with Bochner and Ellis

Christopher N. Poulos

4. Becoming Wild: Autoethnography as Feral Pedagogy

Stacy Holman Jones

5. A Collaborative Dialogue on the Dialogic Influence of Art Bochner and Carolyn Ellis

Lesa Lockford and Ronald J. Pelias

6. Traveling with Carolyn Ellis and Art Bochner, or How I Became Harmonized with the Autoethnographic Life: An Autoformative Story

Marcin Kafar

7. Dear Art and Carolyn: A Love Story

Keith Berry

8. Massaging the Muse

Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs

9. Changing Stories: A 20-Year Autoethnography

Elaine B. Jenks

10. A Rose by Another Name: Zen and the Art of Carolyn

Chris J. Patti

11. Bochner and Ellis as Teachers, Mentors, and Friends: Learning What it Means to Live a Good Life

Lisa P. Z. Spinazola

Part II: Futures

12. Traces and Shards of Self-injury: Strange Accounting with "Author X"

Brittany Presson, Brandi Barnes, Carol Rambo, and Author X

13. Tangible Autoethnography: Merging Autoethnographic Writing and Artmaking

Csaba Osvath

14. Searching for Utopia in Rural Queer Narratives

Darren Cummings

15. Kindred Spirits: Narrative, Art, Life

Mark Freeman

16. Friendship, Music, and Living Learning: The Story of a Song

William K. Rawlins

17. Comedic Autoethnography

Nathan Hodges

18. Walking in Dallas with Dead People

Deborah C. Breede

19. Forget My Perfect Offering: A Mother Daughter

Silvia M. BĂ©nard Calva


20. Autoethnography as a Warm Idea

Arthur P. Bochner and Carolyn Ellis

"This book explores the substantive, field-defining and paradigm-changing work of Arthur Bochner and Carolyn Ellis. Scholars show through their writing and storytelling the influence of the work of Bochner and Ellis on both the field of autoethnography, and their individual research. Individually and collectively, Bochner's and Ellis' legacy extends beyond their home disciplines of communication and sociology, as well as beyond the boundaries of the United States. This collection highlights their contribution to the ethic, practice, and composition of autoethnography and narrative, both globally and on a deeply personal individual level"--

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Bochner, Arthur P.
Ellis, Carolyn, 1950-

Narrative inquiry (Research method)
PSYCHOLOGY / Research & Methodology

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