Pictures at an exhibition : selected essays on art and art therapy

Pictures at an exhibition : selected essays on art and art therapy - 1 online resource - Psychology Revivals . - Psychology revivals. .

Previously issued in print: 1989.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Contents; List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; Foreword; Introduction; Part one: Psychoanalytic views of the arts; Commentary; 1 Mother and child in Henry Moore and Winnicott; 2 Early modern painting in Europe: the psychopathological dimension; 3 Fantasy and the figurative; 4 Chagall's erotic imagery; 5 Symbiosis as a driving force in the creative process; 6 'More or less a sorrow': some observations on the work of Edward Lear; 7 Art, therapy, and Romanticism. 8 The imitation of madness: the influence of psychopathology upon culturePart two: From theory into practice; Commentary; 9 The Primitive Scratch; 10 How young children give meaning to drawing; 11 Working with defence mechanisms in art therapy; 12 The picture within the frame; 13 Group analytic art groups; 14 Five years on: further thoughts on the issue of surviving as an art therapist; 15 Musing cross culturally; 16 The psychic roots of drama; 17 Some aspects of art therapy and family therapy; 18 Drinking problems and short-term art therapy: working with images of withdrawal and clinging.

Originally published in 1989 Pictures at an Exhibition brings together a rich collection of essays, representing the diversity of views and approaches among professionals towards art and psychoanalysis and art therapy. The editors, both of whom are practising art therapists and art therapy educators, have arranged the contributions so that they may be read in a way similar to looking at pictures in a gallery: they can be glanced at briefly or lingered over, read consecutively or dipped into at random. Artists, art therapists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and art historians will all find something of interest, and something to stimulate thought and discussion.

Contributions include innovative papers on the relationship between artists’ lives and the subject-matter of their work; the work of Kandinsky, Picasso, Magritte, Moore, Lear and Genet is looked at in particular. Generously illustrated, the book also highlights the importance of language and culture in attempting to understand imagery. Each contribution is linked by editorial comments drawing together the threads of concern which are common to art and psychiatry.

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